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Targeting obesity with next-generation treatments

Elevai Biosciences is advancing a first-in-class approach to address obesity’s pressing issue of preserving muscle while on GLP-1 treatments.

A New Treatment Paradigm: Next-Generation Obesity Treatment

Our clinical-stage lead candidate, EL-22, activates the body’s own immune system to inhibit myostatin, a negative regulator of muscle growth.

Data suggests that blocking myostatin causes muscle cell growth and increases muscle power. Combining this muscle targeting approach with existing GLP-1 therapies for weight-loss could have significant promise and a lasting impact in helping obese patients lose fat, while preserving lean muscle mass.

Market Opportunity

Nearly half of Americans will have obesity by 2030, creating a $100 billion anti-obesity market.
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Mechanism of Action

EL-22 is an engineered probiotic with myostatin antigens to elicit an immune response.
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EL-22 has completed Phase 1 in healthy volunteers and is being positioned for obesity.
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